Monday, August 5, 2013

running around in circle.

salam. its 27th Ramadhan.

coupla days left for Eid ul Fitr. and again - nothg much in ere.i am not saying its completely nothg - but to compare wit other places, i consider dis as nothg la kot. but then again - it wldnt be dat bad la kot - its the different places wit different environment; i think dat makes me feel kinda OK.

i think the traffic is everywhere, and its gonna be worst by trow or a day after trow. i thank God since Sabtu lagik dah smpai sini. w'pun it is a bit sesak last Saturday, tp ok la kot. and again - berbakul2 jugak la bermaki-makian - tp in a good, dlm-hati kinda way. esp driving in dis place. i mean - tak pyh wait till u arrive in the town itself la kot.. nak masuk to dis state pun msg2 drive mcm gampang. i am sorry - gampang nyer driver mmg mana2 pun ada, tp personally aku rather drive in KL or Penang God sake. Jinjang pun tak pe lah. 

tp sini - aku tak bley blah. dats y each time aku in ere, bley kira berapa kali aku ke KB. aku mls. beside it is sesak like everyday, the drivers pun.. argkh. i am not tryin to be bias ke aper. but dis is my personal view je kot. i dun mind if u dun agree. i am agree to disagree. hehe


aku keep reminding myself to stay assertive - bukan passive or aggressive. kalo aku tak suka - aku akan ckp, in a nice way. and kalo the other party cldnt accept it - aku back off. coz relevantly, i see any reason of fighting over thgs yg aku tak suka - tp the other party love of doin. dan aku try to calm down, and stay away from being aggressive - everybdy will hate me for dat. 

hav a great Monday. 


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