Friday, August 9, 2013

raya, 2nd day.

2 Syawal, 1434. Friday.

finally i am back in ere, alhamdulillah. i long to be in ere, for dis is where i belong. and dis is where i think i wanna be. 

by 11.15am - aku alrdy on the road. jalan bley tahan byk keter, tp tak la jam. and by 5pm - aku dah dpn rumah mak wit all the others. it is nice to be around, surrounded by the familiar thang, food etc. and its heaven.

trow is gonna another long day. mak ajak pusing Taiping - melawat mak long, makcik etc. aku dun keen - tp pi je lah. entertain mak. and i will be goin wit semua adik beradik aku - konvoi ramai2. and nak pi kubur abah dan pak teh jugak - before dat.

so far i had a great time. aku really look for thgs yg aku mkn - risau kalo dpt balik GERD aku. and so far, alhamdulillah. aku refused all the soft drinks, and no such orange juice wit rendang - jst exactly mcm mak pesan aku, like every year.

ok. off for dinner. mcm kenduri. will be back for more. see ya!

second day raya.

first day!

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