Friday, August 2, 2013



sometimes it seems dat all the news is bad. sometimes it seems dat the world around u is tumbling down - hopelessly downhill and theres nthg anyone can do about it. or to stop it, as well. i knw how it is. i knw how it feels, God sake.

yet - dat is never the case. for the more difficult life becomes - the more motivated everyone becomes to make real, substantial, positive changes. nthg is ever as bad as it seems. becoz when situations become difficult - ppl become determined.

and when enuff ppl become determined enuff - good, positive and valuable thgs begin to happen. hope - which may hav previously been nearly impossible to see, begins to spring into action. and when the darkness becomes unbearable - someone will step forward and shine a light. and dat light - will inspire others, and others. and others.

i gez hope is always there. it always be there. the more it is needed, the more powerful and effective is grows.

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