Saturday, August 3, 2013

held high.

theres no reason to be dismayed by wat others say or do. i knw - sometimes u cant help it. its jst happen. but then again -if they want to behave negatively, dats their problem. and it aint urs.

no person knws wats best for u - more than u do. u knw better. no person knws wat ur up to, wat ur capable of accomplishing - more than u do. certainly other ppl can support u, and encourage u - and can be of grat help to u - as much as u to them. see the good and the positive in those around u and connect wit it. and pay no mind to those who wld drag u down the drain wit their criticism. theres no need to let someone's opinion stop u. for dammit - its jst an opinion.

u r who u r. regardless of wat others think - say. or do. ur unique aand worthy. and filed wit great possibilities. its u urself - u hav to knw u urself. and explore it well. focus ur energy. ur awareness, and ur efforts on those possibilities. ur here, ur capable, and wit ur head held high - u knw dat the best is yet to come.


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