Monday, July 22, 2013


at least i had a good day, today. and its Monday, everybdy knws dat. i had like 2 meetings to attend - but both of em tak jadik and postponed to some other days. thank God. and i had no class today, and no appointments yeay. so aku managed to sit down and settled a lot of thgs, alhamdulillah.

aku managed to get done wit the jadual pencerapan staff bwh jagaan aku - as requested by Timbalan Pengarah Akademik. and starting trow - aku will be sitting at the back of the class, evaluating. or i mght be ended up sleeping. haaaa.. hahaha

and finally aku siap marking all the case-clerking yg hazab sgt bg aku nak go thru every each of it. and again, alhamdulillah - settled.

ok. nak Asar, and off to the gym. see ya!

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