Monday, July 8, 2013

u rmbr?

do u remember havin dis - the tot, the feelin - the intensity of the feelin it hits u. and such? i believe there r always the first time in everythg, in life. or perhaps - u go thru it again and again. its not the physical thang - but do u remember how it feels for u? 

  • watchin ppl walk the wrong way onto escalators - and seein their embarrassed faces. and their reaction upon knwing dat ur actually lookin at them.
  • watching the grimaces and expressions of pain as u watch others done wit a marathon. and then realizing dat ur actually hav to do the same. ha ha
  • remembering the first time u stand the and deliver ur talk in front of hundreds of others - the mammoth in u, the nervousness and such - and grinning urself silly when u think about it.
  • done wit ur talk, and ppl gav u a good applause. wow. tp so far no standing-o lah. hah.
  • lookin at the sunsets in KL - and remembering dat even in an urban jungle - u can see the beauty of the nature as well.
  • dat heavenly feelin - beyond description - eating Nutella + peanut butter sandwiches. perkh.
  • spiking dat volleyball, after all those countless attempts - knwing dat ur short. and hopeless.
  • drawing a smiley face on a fogged up mirror. or a dirty piece of glass.

and a lot more. do u remember?

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