Thursday, July 18, 2013

shut up.

if u say no to me, i will never ask u for anythg else. heres the thang - if i wanted somethg, and i ask someone for it - and they say 'no', i forget about it. dat is, unless i really want it. then i'd go get it myself. i mean - honestly - i dun dwell. if i hav asked u sthg, it means i want it and i want it now. not later. not afterwards. now. and if u giv me a str8 no, then i will never (ever) bother u for another request - unless i really need ur help.

being an eldest - i've been like day since i was a chile. its easier dat way. for me - at least. and i change my mind really quickly. lets say u deny my request - and then decide dat want to approve it - God sake it wldnt change a thang of hav any effect to me becoz  i most probably no longer want wat i wanted in the first place. and rejecting it (or anythg at all) on me at the first place shows me somethg else, as well.

does dat make me a difficult person?

another thang - i am not a high-maintenance watever dat is. sure, i prefer sort of exclusive (not necessarily expensive) thgs and i love eating at restaurant - but its not like i dun want to ever eat at warungs or watnot. and u cant say such jst becoz i dun really prefer of goin to pasar ramadhan. i jst hav a preference. and i tend to adapt to the situation i am in - so its all good for me. i use my own money to get all those 'expensive' thgs (as u said dat is) myself.  urgh, darn i hate the word 'expensive'

i gez u shld never put a price on wat u want. its either u want it and u'll work ur bloody arse off to get it, or u sit ur arse down and do nthg about it. i am not needy, and i am not lookin for a freakin attention, or want ppl to bloody pamper me all the freakin time. 

heck, i do or pay for most of the pampering i get myself. so never call me a high-maintenance, brand-conscious kinda guy - when ur hard knw me pun. 

for i freakin hate it.

and does dat really make me a difficult person? sigh.

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