Monday, July 22, 2013

selamat berbuka!

by 6.15pm, aku blah dr gym. cukup la sejam. i think lama2 pun it wldnt makes u zrassssss trus ketul2 watever not. frankly speakin, aku enjoyin myself workin out in Ramadhan. knwing dat u'll break the fast soon, knwing ur energy dah like ujung2 je, and setting a limit enough for an hour per session makes me do thgs all out and sweat like, er.. u knw wat it is. rather than the other days - aku spent like 1.5 to 2 hrs there and like byk buang masa.. i'd love to jump on the wt scale again today - tapi biar dulu lah.. baru je last week timbang. excited plak. hahaha

singgah beli air tebu as usual. dinch air kelapa. aku started amek air kelapa plak instead of tebu like startin last week.. tp mcm tak puas ati je. so today, aku back to tebu. no doubt. tebu and the tebugasm it brings. owhh.. tetibe.

tot of goin to surau kolej for terawih mlm ni. all dis while aku dok pi surau taman je, think of wanting a bit of change la kot.


btw - aku dah tukar layout blog aku neh. i bet u guys dah perasan la kot, kalo u guys dah tengok. or err, aku je perasan as if ada org dok tgk blog aku? hahaha.. apa2 lah. i think now its much better la kot, rather than the same theme i've been using for the past 3 yrs if i am not mistaken. aku remember a fren of mine did ask - y black? and i was like, er.. simple. i need no color for it, kinda thang. now i beg to differ. a bit of colors make u life way better. so tell me wat u think. or maybe u hav a different perspective to share. jst dat - colors do wonders, sometimes.

i think.

gtg. nak turun siap2. selamat berbuka yo!

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