Tuesday, July 9, 2013


by 10pm semlm, aku dah tergolek dpn tv. as usual - nthg much on it, so aku jst channel-surfing, jumping from one channel to another. until aku sedar yg was on dis channel, and i wasnt even watching pun - dat i fall asleep rite in front of the idiotbox.

went upstairs, iron baju keje for trow, kemas bilik study sket and off aku went crashing. and alhamdulillah - i had a good sleep last nite, no waking up at a very early in the morn., not knwing wat exactly to do. so aku woke up at 6.00am dis morn., terus under the shower - feelin kinda fresh wit a lil bit muscle-ache hell yeah. aku remember petang semlm - aku spent a solid one hr workin on my upper chest and a bit on my shoulder, dat aku lupa to take Brufen before aku off to sleep mlm tadik. sakit sket - tak pa la kot. eh? done wit solat, siap2 sumer, pick up my apples in the fridge - and off to work. now aku nyesal tak singgah beli kueh since aku dah mula rasa jemu plak dok mkn apple je pg and at tea break. heh.

gym today. and hari ni leg-day. dammit.

4hrs of teachin today. Intro to Psychology at 8 to 10, and Neurosis - Anxiety, Pychosexual & Personality d/o by 11am. hope thgs will be jst fine, and go on smoothly jst like smlm, insyaAllah.

owh, btw - i am back on FB. not dat i really miss it - i jst do it on no reason la kot. i think i can overcome my so-called addiction to it well now, and after all aku tgk tak der pe sgt yg happening there pun. jst a few frens yg said hi, asking dis and dat and welcoming me back. other than dat - biasa2 je kot. it is good to see ur frens r doin well - by tgk2 their walls. some r like they used to be, some r way active now - tak mcm dulu, they questioning others how la others keep updating the wall - tp aku tgk skang terbalik plak. hahaha.. tak pe la. ppl change. and its inevitable pun. as long as they r happy, i am happy as well. haha

and esok dah start puasa Ramadhan. and mlm ni dah start terawih. alhamdulillah - aku still diberi kesempatan to go thru dis holy month, and i hope aku bley benefit the month way better than the rest of the year insyaAllah. Ramadhan mcm ni - aku teringat kat abah, cant help myself. how he struggled himself last year - at dis same month. and how us - the whole family struggled wit our own selves, and a lot more. and aku tak bley imagine mak berpuasa sorang2 thn ni, i knw it is goin to be hard for her. sigh.

u hav a pleasant Tuesday then, ya! see u.

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