Monday, July 22, 2013


"he's not perfect. ur not either. and the two of u will never be perfect. 
but if he can make u laugh at least once, causes u to think twice - and if he admits to be human 
and making mistakes; 
hold onto him and giv him the most u can. he isnt goin to quote poetry, 
he's not thinkin about u every moment, but he will giv u a part of him dat he knws u cld break. 
so dun hurt him. dun change him. and dun expect for more than he can giv. dun analyze. 
smile when he makes u happy, yell when he makes u mad. and miss him when he's not there. 
love hard when there is love to be had. 
becoz perfect guys dun exist. 
but theres always one guy dat is perfect for u.." 

- Bob Marley.

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