Wednesday, July 17, 2013

on fire.

'honestly' is an interesting word. some of u wld think dat i am an honest guy. and for the most part, i am. yeah rite. some of u hav even called me 'brave' and 'strong' for sharing some of my challenges and issues on few thgs - but the fact is, i dun knw if i am. 

wat i choose to share and when i choose to share it depends upon who is listening. i knw there r many out there read my rambling upon knwing myself well - and when they did, they cldnt be bother at all. and it is also depends on whether or not i can help someone at the time by sharing a story or msg. sometime i am workin thru some crap on my own and i cld really use the support of others. other times i feel strong and able to help kighten someone else's load.

but the truth is - i still guard details dat i cannot and mght not ever share wit u. details dat r either too shockin or details dat wld do more harm than good by sharing em. 

i am pretty sure we r all hav some sort of baggage.

its like the overhead compartment on an airplane. some of us hav lite lil bags wit u. others r viciously attempting to jam a bag dat clearly is too large to fit. yet, we all hav somethg. we all hav burdens to carry. and in real life - we feel pressured to hide our baggage. some of us feel ashamed to admit we r not perfect. society pressures us to be superheroes. only dats a bunch of crap and u knw it as well as i do.

dis life isnt a pissing match about who has or less baggage, or who has a more or less perfectly matched existence. instead of pretending our baggage doesnt exist, isnt it refreshing to acknowledge it? point it out even? i mean - acknowledge it, w/o pointing ur fingers out to others. and be honest wit ourselves at the very least.

especially when our baggage doesnt fit neatly in the overhead compartment, u knw wat i mean. and even if we r not able to admit it as obviously as others - it secretly feels better to see the others tryin to jam his/her giant suitcase in the overhead bin. becoz it makes our problems feel a lil bit more manageable.



and as usual, i am not sure of the above. its jst there in my head.

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