Saturday, July 6, 2013


sometimes i hate myself dat i'm so petty. sometimes - i hate dat i make lil problems become bigger than they actually r. i guess there r days when we jst hate ourselves rite? i knw i've created dis blog to vent out my feelings, my tots - as much as i wanted to inspire ppl and to giv sort of encouragement - and post stuff dat ppl can relate to - but sometimes; i admit.. i also get depressed.

there r moments when i feel alone. and sad. thankfully, these kinda moments do not happen often - but yeah, i do hav those bad days. like jst now. like, now.

i knw there r a lot of bigger problems in the world, and my petty lil problems r nothg compared to em - but sometimes, all the encouragement dat i try to spread - there r times when even they; cant cheer me up. to be frank - i mght tell u to think positive like all the time - but dammit i cant do dat like 24/7. i am kinda scretive person, so i cant really tell ppl wats bothering me - so most of the time - i jst keep it to myself. and get drowned wit it. 

and maybe, these feelings get bottled up, which leads to moments of.. sort of depression. argkh. i dun even want to rant in ere, but i deserve a bit of beautiful crashin, tonite. i knw my readers deserve better. and i shldnt go spreadin the negativism in ere.

anyway i hope i can feel much  better again real soon - by the sun goes up, trow mornin InsyaAllah. hope u guys a lot better emotionally. than i do rite now.

take k, y'all. and gdnite.

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