Wednesday, July 24, 2013

mintak nyawa.

done wit the first 4 hrs. 8 to 10, and jst now 11 to 1pm. frankly speakin - tekak aku dah perit sgt. penat jgk nak make sure semua stdnts btol2 paham before u off leave the class. mmg senang - u tell me all those adult learning watever not. but  then again - they need to understand the basic, the core and the concept first before they ready to go venture the new thgs in the library and such. 

and to do dat - it wasnt dat simple. the readiness is one thg. and the way u explain thgs to make complicated thgs, simple is another. and teaching Psychology is not as easy as u mght thing. ur moving around thgs u cant see and such - dat makes thg worst.

and mengajar budak2 Sem 1 kali - aku cld sense dat 'kurang umphhh' lah. tak tau nape. maybe sebab sumer laki la kot. tp tak jugak. but.. i dun knw. they r less responsive, no matter how u go trigger em. so kinda lemau and berdaya-less. aku ada jgk ngajar budak2 lain - and they r different. yes, i knw - i cant go main serkup je judgement em mcm tu je - based on bdk2 lain nyer kelaku. tp ntah la.. w'pun ttp ada few yg askin questions and such - tp the mojo is like nowhere to be found.

after dis dgn budak2 Farmasi Sem 3. and they r rock. i mean - i enjoy teaching em. and today's class lebih towrds practical and not much of u-sit-the-and-listen-to-my-preach. i hope thgs goin to be ok.

nak nap jap la. and nak pi pantri. tibe. hahaha

ok. the above tadak kena mengena wit the writing.
but i am sure they looks.. er

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