Tuesday, July 23, 2013

let go.

its ok dat u've wasted some time. but its not ok to continue doin so.

there nthg wrong wit the fact dat u've made some mistakes.and all u hav to make sure is u've learned from those mistakes and use it to make some progress.

quickly and fully forgive urself for any shortcomings in the past. the diligently get to work creating a bright and valuable future - starting where ur at right now. dun allow the past to imprison u and discourage u - instead, let the opportunities of the present inspire u to take a solid, effective action.

life is now. so be ere now and stop livin in the past. giv ur focus to wat u can do wit now. life is now, so live it now w/o bein weighed down by wat has alrdy come. and gone.

be truly thankful for wat has brought u ere, watever it may hav been. then let the past go, and let urself soar into a magnificent, fulfilling future.

good luck!

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