Monday, July 22, 2013

keys to happiness.


everyone has one common goal in life - to achieve true happiness. thus - i wanna share wit u guys wat i've read thru out the weekend about it - who knws. 

life - can either be somethg u can embrace or sthg u hide from. i gez we gotta stop make thgs complicated and jst live life as it is. it wld be so much simpler and more enjoyable if we learned to jst release certain limitations - so, go on. and read! who knws, they'll help u. as it does, to me!

  • the approval of others - who givs a shyte wat other ppl think? if ur happy wit ur decision u've made, then the whole business is dat but ur own? think of how much u cld achieve if u stopped letting other ppl's opinions dictate the way u live ur life.
  • anger/resentment - anger will eat at u from the inside. learn how to make peace wit those who hav wronged u. dis isnt about lettin the other person off the hook - its about alleviating the pain dat resonates w/in u. keep in mind dat he who angers u - controls u.
  • -ve body image - theres only one person's opinion u shld be concerned wit when it comes to ur body and dat is u. no one persons determines wat the "correct" body type is. if ur comfortable w/in ur own skin, and ur healthy - then dat shld be the only thg dat matters. dun let others tell u dat ur not beautiful bcoz if ur believe ur, then ur.
  • idea of a perfect partner - theres no such. so throw ur checklist out the window. in life, wat prevents us from moving forward is lookin at the perfect image of a partner we concoct in our minds. find dis for u - one dat u can love wit all ur heart, one u feel comfortable wit, and one dat accepts u for the person ur. the sooner u realize there isnt one perfect person out there for u - the better off u will be.
  • perfect life - again, there is no such! i dun hav a perfect life, either. life is wat u put into it, so if ur not willing to work hard and put forth effort; u'll most likely end up miserable. the choices u make will directly reflect the life u lead. its up to u to create the best possible world for u.
  • ur goin to be rich - too many ppl live their lives wit the tot dat they will be millionaires. while dis can be a realistic goal for some, it is not sthg dat can be achieved w/o hard work and dedication. so find a career, stop moaning and immerse urself in it completely.
  • the idea dat good fortune will arrive at ur doorstep - u gotta go out into the world and actively look for fulfillment. u cannot take a backseat in life and xpct thgs to happen for u. appreciate the life u live, and be grateful for wat u hav. value each minute of everyday. live like theres no tomorrow and make the most out of any situation.
  • excuses - make no time for excuses. u wanna hit the gym, but u dun hav time? bulshyte. wake up early and do so. excuses r only rationalizations dat make u feel about urself for not doin sthg u want/need to be doin. u desire results? stop bitching, bitch. and start doin.
  • tot of ur ex - trust me; dis person is ur ex for a reason. if ur goin to thnk of him or her at all, try and think about the lessons dat experiences taught u. do not linger on any old feelings, as dis will inly prevent u from bein happy wit someone else in the future.
  • stubbornness - i knw its hard to admit, but stimes ur jst wrong. other ppl hav jst as much capability as u do in providing the correct answer - so stop bein so freakin stubborn, and jst embrace it. the less stubborn u act, the more open ur to learin new thgs. think of all u cld exposed to if u stopped believing in options other than than ur own.
  • procrastination - dun be too proud dat u add in 'pro' to the word. stop thinkin u will finally get to watever tasks is at hand trow. liove in the present, and get ur shyte done when it needs to be done. maximize ur time to the best of ur ability. complete each task u need to as soon as u can. u also allow urself more free time to enjoy the thgs u love.
  • ur baggage - we've all been hurt one time or another by someone we loved, or we tot we loved. carryin -ve feelings into future r/ships will only prove to be disastrous. no two ppl r the same, so its unfair to hold a future partner to a standard set by ur bloody ex. start ur new r/ship wit a clean slate.
  • negativity - wat u put out into the universe will come back to u; so change the way u think immediately. stop thinkin of life as a glass half empty, but rather - hald full. u hav so much to be grateful for, if u only u took a moment to appreciate it. anythg is possible in the mind of a positive thinker.
  • judgmental tots - y do ppl feel the need to constantly worry about wat is goin on in other ppl's lives? if we spent as much time worryin about our own behaviors as we do worryin about those of others; our lives wld be a whole lot more meaningful. u hav no idea wat is goin on in another person's life, so who u fcuk ur to pass judgment on the way they act?
  • jealousy - happiness is not havin wat u want; its wantin wat u hav. stop envyin others and learn to appreciate wat u hav. everyone's life is unique - u hav certain to offer dat others cant. when we act in a jealous manner, all we do is bring -ve feelings into our lives. theres absolutely nthg to gain from behavin dis way.
  • insecurity - happy ppl tend to hav extremely high levels of self-esteem. they accept who they r and work it everyday of their lives. they radiate confidence, flaunt their pride and giv off positive vibes. theres no reason to be insecure in life. if there r thgs ur self-conscious about, go out into the world and seek to change em. only u hav the ability to create the best version of urself.
  • depending on others for happiness - at the end of the day, the only person u can count on 100% of the time - is urself. a r/ship is not goin to fulfill the void if u cant even make urself happy. u need to achieve happiness on ur own before u can find someone else to share it wit. dis creates a detrimental dependency dat will prevent u from becomin self-sufficient.
  • the past! - stop living in the past. it is virtually nthg u can gain if u wallow in mistakes u've previously made. tke em as lessons learned, and move forward. u cant move on if u keep constantly look behind. thgs happened, and dats dat. take em wit a grain of salt. and move on.
  • the need for control - sometimes we jst need to let life happen the way it is meant to. u cant spend ur life stressin about thgs dat r outside of ur control. try to relax, and let thgs play out naturally. embrace the unknwn, as dis is where u'll be surprised the most.
  • xpctations - managing it, is the key to happiness. let go of xpctations, u'll never be disappointed. often - we tend to believe dat the way we treat others will be the way we r treated in return. unfortunately, dis doesnt always happe. so do not xpct a certain result from any given situation - go into an xperience wit an open mind. and u'll be surprise.

too long. dats the word. gotta leave u now. hav coupla thgs to settle, before i off leavin the building and head for the gym. 

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