Thursday, July 18, 2013

judge me. no.

ppl who write thgs like, "owh, ur 21 and u hate ur life? ur parents din let u watch Sesame Street?" r ppl deservin of a slap. its like, havent u ever been 21? havent u ever had a bad hair day? a 21yo can never hav a bad day bcoz they hav nthg to worry about? wat is wrong wit u? 

hav empathy. hav sympathy. and hav a heart.

hearin a senior scoldin a stdnt blatantly jst like dat (perhaps my wrong - i din knw wats the reason) and had her cryin - i dun think its a good idea. a person - no matter their age is - has feelings. it jst baffles me when a person can jst say thgs like dat. imagine ur 21 and the lecturer is like 50yo - says to u, "u havent seen the world yet. u hav no right to be upset!", when u tell her dat ur havin a bad day - thus u retaliate or sthg. who gives a shyte if ur older then the person ur speakin to? wat matters is dat dis person is freakin upset and dat is wat ur to rectify. 

and ur not supposed to tell em dat they r too young to knw sadness, or too young to knw loss, to knw love, to knw hatred. blergkhh!

the fact is - u will never knw a person's battles. they may seem like nthg cld tear em down - but gez wat? the loneliest ppl r the kindest. the saddest ppl smile the brightest. and the most damaged ppl r the wisest. all becoz they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do. when u see a person about to jump off a buldin, u dun say "hey! dun jum. there r ppl sufferin more than ur, right now", do u? no u dun. u get em off the ledge, definitely.

ppl suffer differently, jst as they grieve, love, anger or express their happiness differently. the key here is - empathy. empathy - is being able to stand in the other person's shoes, and feel it. understand it. nobdy wants a sympathy. but empathy, is.

bcoz w/o empathy - u mght as well live life by urself. in a cave. and never come out. society deserves better ppl than u.

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