Saturday, July 20, 2013

draw me!

woke up from my nap, browsing the Insta, i found dis, uploaded by a student of mine. it had me smiling - really like ear to ear. i remember he told me he wanted to dis - and he was sort of askin for permission. i was like - tak pa lah. saya tak kisah kinda thang. and i had dis. everythg looked so perfectly good, except for the perut. hahaha.. i mean - or is it for real, dat aku je yg tak perasan? haha..

watever it is, i love dis. he said dat he'll giv me the hardcopy by Monday. yeay! i am goin to send it to kedai, and frame it well. maybe aku bley gantung kat rumah. or bwk ke UKM nanti? haha

Ahmad Waqiyuddin Ismat.

and dis is the guy yg lukis dat karikatur of me. Sem 3, aku noticed him well in the class. kinda good, shy guy. duduk depan, pay attention in the class. aku remember seeing his Insta wit a lot of drawing he did thru his classes. darn i hope he din do dat during my class lah! hahaha.. and which he denied of doin la. alhamdulillah. 

aku met him like everyday in the gym. he is kinda guy yg btol2 komit in his routine, hardly fool around pun. and aku remember dia mintak izin nak dtg gym like tiap hari (since gym ada jadual tertentu) and i was like - dtg je lah.. since tak ramai org pun. and he was sort of happy wit dat.

and aku remember dis guy - during one of my Psychology class waktu Sem 1, he walked up the stage tmpt aku bg lecture - and sort of 'sir, can i hav ur sign?' - there's a pic of me standing, wit a caption 'bulshyte!'. first aku mcm bengkek jgk dat how dare dis boy did such thang during my class and came up ere mintak sign?, tp tgk the drawing, i was like.. wow. dis guy is really somethg. aku put down my signature, and aku politely asked his permission to keep the drawing - and he din mind. 

aku still had the drawin wit me. darn how time flies.

and, owh. dis is the drawing. hahaha.. and dat caption. gosh. aku hope aku din be a real crappy role model to em all, God sake. hahaha

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