Friday, July 19, 2013

consider dis!

salam. its 10th Ramadhan. and good morning.

erm, i was jst thinkin - here's a lil sthg for u to consider.


  • day by day its either u jst wanna get by or u wanna go about ur day to the fullest. its entirely ur choice. dun blame other if ur havin a bad day bcoz u can really brush it off and not care at all. u dun even hav to try. but if u dun care or try at all - then wat is the point in livin? wat u really hav to knw is how to balance the two - feelin dreaded by petty thgs or not caring/tryin. u gotta find the balance - and u'll do OK.

lemme lick dat..

  • ppl who dun wear perfume is fine by me. but how can they not wear deodorant? i knw - ur smiling, and thinkin - wtf? but cant they smell emselves? y havent the ppl around em intervened in dis? BO is repulsive! owh. and i will never understand who who (hav the opportunity to but) actually choose not to shower twice dly. shower once in the morn., then shower once in the evenin. when i asked these ppl y they do not shower in the morn., they said its bcoz they've showered the nite before. fuhh! dats like sayin there is no need to ever turn off ur car engine bcoz ur goin to use it again - or there is no need to flush the toilet bcoz well, its not like ur never goin to 'berak' again, eh? its not expensive. and its jst one swipe per armpit and ur good to go! give a deodorant a chance.

to clean,
or not to clean.

  • bein rude to janitors is stupid. trust me - u knw it well, as well - dat they r jst tryin to make a livin, jst like ur, each day. they come to work to serve u, and then at the end of the day they jst wanna get home to the families etc and relax, knwing theyve done their best to keep food on the table. u dun hav to ruin their day by treatin em like ur slaves. after all - ko saper? and sure, u will meet dungu janitors every now and then - but gez wat? dats y they r janitors at the first place! err.. i mean - dats the fact, right? u say ur better than em, so be la the better person then. talk to em nicely, greet em, say ur orders politely, ask em to help u softly etc etc. and if they bein rude to rude, chant dis in ur head - "they attitude is y they r janitors, and i am better than the egotistical side of me - so i will refrain from campak dis tong sampah to her face". i did dat all the time. and of course, tell their manager (dat i yet to do). dats really all u can do. and believe me - the ruder ur to janitors - the more likely they'll pedajal u. i am not sayin all of em do - but jst keep in mind dat they do!

now lets start working! u hav a great TGIF!!

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