Friday, July 19, 2013

alone. and lonely.


i came across dis post in my tumblr dashboard jst now - and i cldnt help but to feel kinda sad after reading it. i mean - look at the amount of notes. over 100k ppl (and counting) feel dis way. and i'd like to bet dat some of these ppl were in the same 'room'. not literally, but u get wat i mean. like u can be the person laughing or u cld be the person lookin around - but it goes both ways bcoz of u cld feel the same. 

i've felt dis way before. but wat makes the differences between then and now is dat i changed the situation. i try to bet more involved. i try to belong somewhere; and wit all dat tryin - i do get there. heres the thg - if ur not happy wit how ur life is, then u shld change it. u cannot simply wait for someone to come up to u and say dat u belong somewhere. u cannot wait for life bcoz life is wat u make it, and if u spend ur days not wanting to participate - then life is jst goin to go on w/o u whether u like it, or not.

i cld sense dat - dat post - it doesnt mean jst a literal room. it has more meaning to it. its life in itself. when u feel lonely and u look around and see dat other ppl r havin better than ur - u jst kinda want to stop the world and get off bcoz u dun wanna feel lonely. but u dun hav to. i've felt so alone before bcoz for many reason and dat i've nthg to offer to the world - i tot i was boring. i tot, i tot, i tot. and i tot wrong. its jst - as long as u try, u will get there. 

dun xpct not to get hurt either. ppl who prefer to be alone or r lonely - they r jst afraid of gettin hurt, or hav been hurt one too many times and they jst dun wanna ever feel dat way again. its life. life's like dat. u will hurt someone no matter how much u play by the book - and u will get hurt. even by the person u trust the most. sigh. dis will happen to u. its jst a matter of time. and u will hav to embrace it. learn from it, and take somethg from it. everythg happens for a reason.

but dun get me wrong. bein alone and feelin lonely r two different thgs. its jst how u see it and interpret it. how u feel about it. u can do so many thgs while ur alone, but there r so many ppl who r afraid of dis. they r afraid by being alone they must simply label emselves a loner and wallow in self-pity. there is nthg bad about bein alone.. its the feelin lonely part dat can eat u up.

wat i mean to say is dis - if u feel like u dun belong, and u want to belong somewhere - jst get out there and do it. it sounds difficult - unless u jst try. if u r so sad about bein alone, dun setle for dat. improve ur life if ur so unhappy wit it. and dun jst go around sayin dat nbdy will ever think dat ur cool enuff or fun enuff. u will never knw unless u try. but if ur unhappy and ur unwilling to change and u somehow enjoy the fact dat u can tell ppl dat ur sad and lonely - then be my guest. bcoz from they way i see it - if u dun like sthg about urself, change it. when ur happy, and u think happy tots - u will affect the ppl around u.

makes sense?

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