Sunday, June 16, 2013


ppl r afraid of emselves, of their own reality - their feelings most of all. ppl talk about how good and how great love is - but dats bulshait. love hurts. feelings r disturbing. ppl r taught dat pain is evil and dangerous. but how can they deal wit love is they r afraid to feel?

pain is meant to wake us up. ppl try to hide their pain. but they r wrong. pain is somethg to carry, like a bloody radio. u feel ur strength in the experience of pain. its all in how u carry it.

dats wat matters. pain is a feeling. ur feelings r a part of u. ur own reality. so dun be a bulshait. if u feel ashamed of em, and tryin so freakin hard to hide em - ur letting society destroy ur reality.

dammit. u shld stand up for ur right. to feel ur pain.


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