Thursday, June 27, 2013


if it seems dat ur stuck where ur, no matter wat u do, then ur almost certainly tryin too hard.  perhaps ur gotta stop tryin, and start allowing.

when ur striving and fighting and pushing - ur workin against urself. u gotta take a deep breath, calm down, and be. be u - in the moment - honestly, authentically, needing nthg and appreciating everythg dat seems to be darn bloody petty in ur eyes. u gotta allow, accept, enjoy, and u cannot possibly remain stuck.

where there is genuine love, appreciation and enjoyment -- there can be no resentment or frustration. when u fully allow life to flow to u and thru u - then u enable creativity and value to naturally and easily flow out from u.

life -- is beautiful, to a degree dat goes far beyond anythg u can possibly imagine. stop tryin to imagine dat beauty and start allowing urself to experience it. 

let go of the need to strive and to judge. and embrace the profound opportunity to be, now.


sigh. dun u wish it'd be dat easy?

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