Thursday, May 23, 2013


and dun xpct me
to be perfect, jst as perfect as ur.

salam -

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” - William Shakespeare.

i read it somewhere, dis morning. i gez we all hav expectation in our lives - wat we want out of life, and who we want to become and such. and i truly believe in such - dat one of the keys to happiness lies w/in the management of ur expectations of ppls, and circumstances. its like - if u do not hav xpctations - u can never be disappointed.

often - we tend to believe dat the way we treat others will be the way we r treated in return. but unfortunately, dis does not always happen. i went thru it recently - and i knw how it is. the xpctation. dats the root.

u need to make sure u enter into r/ships wit someone who has as big of a heart as u do. if u do not - u may feel as if ur bein taken advantage of or r bein shortchanged. u need to find ppl who appreciate wat u do for em, and who will reciprocate these actions.

and one of the biggest challenges we face in life is learnin to accept ppl for who they truly r. dis is somethg dat most of us hardly agree on. we xpct ppl to behave, to think jst the way we exactly r - tellin thgs like how educated they r - yet not behaving or thinkin the way they shld; and we forget dat we r putting our own values to it. 

once we realize dat our xpctations cannot change ppl, the better off we will be. the problem will aise when the xpctations do not materialize - if u find dat ur goin out of ur way much more than the ppl u surround urself wit - perhaps its about time to find a new group of frens. maybe. trust me - havin realistic xpctation will allow u to accept the flaws each person has. and all those unrealistic xpctations will, can, and most often do lead to disappointment.

the bad thang about havin high xpctations in certain circumstances is dat we prevent ourselves from enjoyin the experience altogether. and if u feel dis in ur life - darn u need to readjust ur xpctations - before it goes too late. u mght get hurt. u fren mght left numb wit ur reaction, words and such. when u hav unrealistic notions for ppl - u place urself at a risk of gettin disappointed and hurt. maybe someone did let u down in certain aspects - but isnt it inherently unfair to hav these ppl on such a pedestal? by maintaining an accurate of ur own realities - u become able to determine wat is truly xpcted from others.

we gotta remember dat - do not xpct thgs out of situation - jst go into em wit an open mind.

disappointment can lead to several outcomes - incldg tryin to get dis person to change and an increased anger toward the person who is causing the disappointment. and dis becomes problematic since the fault lies wit u for putting such pressure on dis person.

but then again, theres a paradoxical issue when it comes to dis - if u hav high xpctations, u can often end up disappointed. but if u dun hav these xpctations - u may not try as hard as u cld in order to accomplish the goal. and  later be a perfectionist, and dat aint healthy.

when thgs do not work out the way we planned - it is much more benefial to realize dat is how life works, rather than becoming frustrated wit the situation.

i believe it is easy to hav hope, rather than xpctations - and u will tend not to be disappointed.

life's like dat - its short. and it shld be sweet. less xpctation, less hatred. 

and love one another.

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