Friday, May 10, 2013


dust off my shoulder.

we received dat all the time. i remember i read it somewhere regarding it - we gotta forget the insults, remember all the compliments. 

but then again - wats ur worst "compliment" u ever received? u knw wat i am sayin - the 'behind those beautiful words' kinda thang. coded in syrup-sweet words ur eagerly wanna swallow it down but then again - it is a cut so deep dat left u wit confusion crinkle between ur eyes, plus ur lower lips left dangling open - jst like dat Butthead, a fren of Beavis yeah.

or perhaps (i got dis all the time) the words r so empty, meaningless dat its so obvious the "complementor" is indeed - lookin for somethg from the "complementee".

so, here r the  Er, Wat Is Dat? Complement I've Ever received;

  1. owh, i love ur 'hair' so much. it better dis way! translation - ur old hairstyle pun merepek jgk. better off Rosmah.
  2. u look so good today! (usually i'd jst smile away, and say thanks)  translation - i am in absolute shock dat u look good today. bcoz usually u look like a sick leper. bley?
  3. ur doin a hell good job! (trust me - my big boss says dis a lot. a real lot!)  translation - i dun hav the gift of encouragement and it hurts my brain to try to come up wit somethg specific - like everytime ur doin well. so, watever ur doin, jst keep doin it lah!
  4. u shld dress like dis more often.. (mak selalu ckp mcm ni bila tgk aku in baju office lengkap dgn tie etc. euw)  translation - u dressed badly yesterday and every day since ur mum stopped dressing u, dat i was ready to call Norma Norell and let u learn a lesson or two.
  5. ur blog is soo cute! i love reading it.. well i suppose there r few entries can be cute. but then again, these compliments r always followed up wit "hey, i am following u.. so come follow me back at www.datanglatgkblogmakbykfollowerlebydariko.ok"
  6. ur coachable! (wit a pat on my shoulder, not my arse!) my PT from the gym used to tell me dat, a lot. i dun really knw wats dat mean, God sake. but i remember it struck my mind once while i was driving, and its funny when once i believed wat he was tryin to tell me was like "i cant point to anythg u do well, atheletically, but at least u listen to me!"
  7. for you, dats really good. translation - darn i guess for somebdy as dim as u, it really is good. i would never score dat low. as low as ur. i am brilliant. and ran ur dumb.
  8. u hav a really nice beautiful eyes. and a clean, white teeth. hahaha.. another thang. i mean - most of the time i'd go mum, and say thanks. but sometime, dats jst weird. so basically ur telling me, out of all the parts of u - ur eyes r the best. face? butt-ugly. personality? sucks. body?.. eh, i jst love those eyes, lah! and er, ur gigi jgk. hahaha
  9. u look jst like.. (insert the ugliest celebrity alive, in here). shyte. i hav no translation for it. probably, its literally true la kot? haha
  10. and u look jst like.. (insert the hottest bald celebrity alive, in here). stdnts called me dat. they wld go commenting at my pics wit dat particular name, like.. "ok, can u say somethg new" mcm tu. hahaha.. esp time aku baru ber-barber. sometime i cldnt help to be dumbfounded. how cld i looked like dat hot, bald celeb/singer? obviously, he/she was flirting wit me, bcoz dat was a load of crap. i looked nthg like Pitbul, xcpt i had my head bald like all the time. but i totally ate it up anyway - tho aku tau aku "gemuk, pendek, itam dan botak" as Pinkie and Azman wld call me like most of the time. Pitbul is hot and i took any compliment i cld get. i started dressing like him, and bald my head like his. in my mind - i was Pitbul's slightly-less how twim brother. ha ha

confession time - i think i've given every one of these compliments jugak kot. or perhaps, any of the above. LOLs. xcpt the eyes and the teeth compliment. i'd jst rather say nthg at all in dat case. 

but then again - i feel bless wit wat ever dat is. say somethg good to me, and i'll go telan it rite away. why wld i be bother thinkin 'betol ke ko neh?'. hehe

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