Friday, May 10, 2013

u. typical. no?

as usual, i was driving off to work dis morning, and it was kinda late (for me) alrite. 7am and i was still behind the wheel. i knew i am goin to be in a state of maki-berbakul-bakul kinda thang, since (i knw) when i am driving at dis patricular hr, on an ordinary day - i'll go against a lot of thg - including super-mom 'riding' their cars like a Batman driving The Bat, God sake.

and dat was the time when suddenly aku terfikir nak write about dis -  typical ladies.

read wit no offence lah, ye. coz ur no typical! :-)

  1. typical ladies - if u wanna park ur car, it has to be in front of the store. at the enterance, way better. or kalo bley, kat dpn kaunter tros. lagi senang.
  2. and if ur driving and ur rushing - u'll go pecut wit ur guts on the steering, and cilok mcm tak hengat. but once bumped into others - u'll throw fit, and keriauw.
  3. typical ladies - when ur mad, ur blowing ur top - u got forget urself. words first, thinking later-later. when thgs r settled, u'll go pleading mintak maaf and such. haih.
  4. and if u go shopping - u'll throw every single thang into the trolley and off walk-in to the 'Below 10 Items' counter. alooo akak, trolley tu penuh. pi kaunter sebelah!
  5. typical ladies (and dis is based on true story) if the big boss say A, u will definitely do A. i mean - even ur immediate boss ckp 'we shall do it A- to make it easy wit the same output' still ko ckp, 'NO!! big bos ckp A!!'. aiyyoooo.. tgk keadaan la. tp tak pyh la kot terlalu jumud otak kot. eh?
  6. owh, another one. if u found a car in a right lane, yet driving mcm sipot and ko bg lampu ke, bg signal ke mintak dia ke kiri, still nthg happens - trust me. it has to be a lady in it. i mean - a typical lady lah. literally.

and a lot more. i feel like dats about it la kot for today. byk lagik.

 pls, dun get me wrong. no offence ya. unless ur kinda typical lady jugak. hehehe

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