Tuesday, May 21, 2013

stdnts. and me.

tarian tiang.

i am not a person who can sit down and spend hrs - listening and doin nthg. i tend to be restless. and hopeless as well. aku jenis 'berbuat' nyer person. i love lecture-demo. aku love skill-lab. and aku suka bed-side teaching. 

aku remember when i was a student years back - time kelas mmg seksa bg aku. especially lecturer yg ngomel for hrs, berleter tak tentu hala and yg SS (syok sendiri). aku sgt2 elergik. aku aku bukan jenis yg senang tido dlm kelas - unless aku btol2 penat, and ngantok. and knwg myself is like dat - most of the lecture hrs - most of the time is a disastrous for me. 

let alone lecturer yg suara mcm dlm kelambu - as if he/she is talking to him/herself. argkh!

and dats y time student dulu - aku suka duduk belakang. or wit gals yg 'suka bwk bekal and treat the classroom as mcm tempat berkelah', u knw wat i mean. free food, hell yeah. aku wld sit in the middle - where all the bekas mkn akan travel kiri dan kanan - and the bekas mkn has to go thru me to reach the destination. or else, aku bwk jajan or gula2, mkn. aku ingat ada sekali tu aku kantoi dgn lecturer pempuan neh - aku mkn gula2 Sour Plum (by Torrone), and aku gumpal2 cover gula2 tu - aku tuju kepala student2 yg nerdy neh, yg duduk bawah aku. especially the gals. ok - judge me not. i was naughty, alrite.

nak? nak??
pinjam nota dulu. haha

and the worst part was - they knw there was nbdy else, but me - yg wld do such silly thang.

i mean - kalo tak buat mcm tu - aku mght ended up sleeping. and i dun want dat. but then again - aku tak nak buat em all benci aku; since all these nerdy yg aku akan cari at the end of the day - pinjam nota and such, so dat aku can sit and study. and aku i never fail. ayat sket je, dah dpt the whole notes. hahaha.. aku will get the notes, balik, went thru em all - do some extended reading and revision - tak fhm aku will go hunt the respective lecturers - and most of the time, the same remarks from the lecturers - 'awak dlm kelas tak pernah tumpu perhatian.. ni le jadinye', 'awk dtg tak leas sy?', 'lain kali main time kelas!' and aku will go sengih sheepishly tak menentu. but they never failed me - for at least aku went and see em for more. and they like me for dat.

owh. w'pun aku tak bley duduk dlm kelas dgn berhemah and listen to lectures - aku managed to score and jadik best student, alhamdulillah.

so - bila Ajak called aku semlm, bgtau aku yg dia tak dpt jadi panel for defend proposal pagik tadi - dammit aku was so restless. aku hate myself for Ajak neh - asyik2 terlepas. time kena duduk, dgr budak2 neh bentang kertas kajian masing2 - time tu la dia ada je hal lain. geram siot. at least kalo ada Ajak - ada la member. to sit the and listen to the students. i mean - to listen or not, dat'd be somethg else. 

yg penting aku tak sorang2.

but thgs happened. so - mmg tak leh ngelak. so wat i did was - for 22 students (plus 10 org bawah seliaan aku); aku get done wit the rest 12 - and the rest 10 yg bwh seliaan aku - aku skipped. started by 8.30am, by 12.30pm dah siap. pheww..

so aku ati senang (since byk lagik keje lain kena buat), and obviously students pun nampak seronok. of koz lah - aku tau sgt2, student mana yg nak duduk melangut, listening to the frens presenting - while it was tak dak kena mengena dgn dorg? heh. aku pun tak nak! haha

darn i was a student before, and i knw how it is!

owh, btw - aku believe in wat stdnts learn.
how and how much - dats subjective.
and its individualized.

so y force and make em to learn,
while they r not ready for a thang?


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