Friday, May 10, 2013

smell me!

here we r at Friday again. and u'll start thinkin, "eh, baru je rasa semlm Isnin" kinda thang - jst exactly mcm Ramesh ckp tadik. and Fina went like mata tgk siling and went "heh, ye lar tu". phewww.. but the weekdays went by too fast kan? i mean - literally, mmg la not as fast as the weekend. tp.. apa2 lah. u knw wat i am sayin.

and esok plus lusa, aku kena dtg keje for marking. wohoooooooo.. and the weekend wld be another soooooo bloody long jgk lah for me, i think.


ok. enuf of dat. thinkin dat i gotta come to work on the weekend again and again pun, it wldnt do any good pun. aku tetap kena dtg marking. enuff tooooooting my own misery. we r done wit the list on ''Typical Ladies", and i had somethg in mind to share wit u guys now. how a bout on the listicles on 10 Heavenly Smell? these r the smell i love the most. i mean - i really love these smell, God sake.

  1. the bakery. when i walk into a bakery and i am accosted by dat bloody beautiful aroma. i wld go like, 'can i jst lay my face on ur tray of those cream puff and cookies?' and then bathe in a big pail of warm Hell-o, naked.. shyte. wait. ur not suppose to read dat. and stop dat notti tot of urs! LOLs.
  2. a new book. i like the smeel of new books. i'd go slipped down an empty row in a book store, picked out a book at random, looked right, then left, opened a book and inhaled like a chaser. i'd go high. no. u never see me doin it, for i wont be doin it, publicly. haha..  it was ok, but it doesnt even compare to a bakery la kot. but at least..
  3. fresh-cut grass. in the morn. nthg says sunny weather like a fresh-cut grass. and after the back-to-back craziness at work, i love to jog along the pathway, by the fresh-cut grass. it makes me feel like a real human being, i'd say.
  4. burning fire wood. remind me of my childhood. time abah potong ranting-ranting pokok and burnt em alrite. i knw its kinda weird, but i love it. so wat?
  5. minimonsters' hair after they bathe. trust me on dis - we wont get into it, i mean; the before smell. haha busuk weh. bley pinsan.
  6. gasoline in 1980's. i'd go mmmmm-mmmmm. dis is when aku kena pasang lampu gasoline way back then time rumah kami tak dak letrik lagik. every nite, sebelum Maghrib, kena nyalakan lampu gasoline. darn i am good at dat! especially time isi minyak gasoline to its chamber. hehehe.. i dun knw y it smelled different back then. was it leaded or somethg? it'd go pumping the lampu gasoline while inhaling those scrumptious fumes. dude. good times! hahaha
  7. those wonderful permanent markers my dad bought us when i was a kid. gosh. they were awesome. i am sure its probably against the law or somethg to smell those thgs now (is it?), but they were abso-mak-ai-bestnye-bau-lately delightful to my 8 year old nose.
  8. armpits wit Denim Original Deo on it. err, forget it. i wont go elaborating on dis. hahaha
  9. cK Eternity perfume. dammit dat stuff smelled so good. i had a bottle for myself, but i doesnt smell dat good on me. but still - i am so in love wit it - especially when someone who really blend emselves well wit it. gosh. i'd go ga ga.
  10. fish curry. hahaha.. how shld i put it, eh?

eh? dah 12.30pm? heh. time for solat Jumaat! 

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