Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the listicles - shyte on me.

owh, btw - 3 person asking me the same question today. 'nape u tak suka carrot?', 'mcm budak2 skang, tak suka vegy', and 'eh, carrot is good for eyes'. er, same script like my mum. hahaha

wait. bukan aku tak suka vegy. aku mkn je sayur. good for health, kot. i love sayur2 hijau. leafy. sedap! the fact is - aku tak memilih sgt pun. except for peria - yg no matter how u ckp it is tak pahit and such, it is still pahit for me. at least  my head said so. and aku hate to hav such pahit taste stuck on my tongue. euw.

and carrot. OMG. mcm org Kelantan ckp - cannot go!

and i was thinking - y not hav a walk down to the Shyte Listicle on thgs i hate, eh? maybe dah kurang - tak mcm dulu, since aku dah no more budak2. or perhaps, makin byk? who knws? hahaha

The Shyte Listicle - Shyte I Hate.

  1. of coz - carrot. not dat i hate it - aku jst dun like it. does it make a different? er, huge differences, i think. carrot is weird. and its scary. carrot kaler orange. and wat kinda sayur wit such kaler, eh? and - it is a fruit? or is it a sayur? God, the color is so doesnt make sense - and aku tak suka. plus the taste. i knw, i knw. its good for the eyes, carotene bla bla bla blahh.. but carrot is orangey in color. and i cant take dat. but i love carrot cake. how? 
  2. i dun do dishes. u can ask me do anythg at all kat dapur - but not the dishes. franky i hav no explanation for dat. i jst dun do dishes, the after math.
  3. the-know-it-all person - uh, pls. even i love smart ppl, those wit brain and such - u dun hav to go around and being too big for the boot. i'll respect u for ur freakin brain, if u hav one - way better if u dun go tellin me so. for i knw how it is, and for i knw wat it is - the who ur, wat ur et al, as well. nah, i am not sayin dat i am smart - but i believe u dun hav to tell, even if ur one. u knw wat i mean.
  4. Nescafe 3-in-1 premix coffee - and y on earth they came up wit dis, eh? i knw its easy, but it really doesnt make sense. at least - for me. aku lagik prefer the way mak bancuh Nescafe - Nescafe, susu pekat manis, air panas - the right amount, the equal same taste all the time.
  5. decision - and u expect me to come up wit one? no thanks. i hate kinda ppl yg 'aku tak kesah, aku ikut je' upon question asked. excuse me, mak kesah! coz i aint ur mother to do so. i mean - u dun go expect me to decide on somethg, while me myself - pun susah nak decide on anythg at all. i need someone yg aku bley rely on. yg at least - aku cld rest assure dat u can deal wit the decisions, and let me deal wit somethg else. bukan la aku tak reti langsung buat decision - tp those yg petty2 thgs like nak makan mana, nak mkn apa, nak buat apa, nak pi mana.. eurgkh. 

eh, cukup la. aku dah start rasa the negative energy around. theres a few more - but dah la. kang sampai ke mlm aku dok fikir all theses shyte-ty thang, and dat wldnt be good for me.

nak pi solat Zohor. 2.30pm aku appointment wit stdnts. chiao!

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