Sunday, May 19, 2013

me - Haziq - Hazwan of 'f' phonics.

i am a lecturer nerd. i mean - i think i am. tho maybe i dun look like one. there is virtually no free time dat isnt used to drill my stdnts. including my minimonsters. they come in a package. i gez - i am jst like dat. typical dat is. 

and to get better wit the drilling thang - i need to read a lot. like, a real lot. reading is a big deal for me since i kinda not liking it ever since the first day of my life. dat bad, eh? 

i remember one day when i was there in a conversation wit Haziq and Hazwan (acik). Hazwan was helping Haziq wit a phonics app.

Haziq - wat sound does the letter "t" make?

Hazwan - "t" for "turtle" lah.

Haziq - wat sound does the letter "f" make?

Hazwan - err.. {long pause}

Aku - it makes the fff sound la. can u think of any "f"words?

Hazwan - pak long, ur bad at teaching letters. acik repot opah!

Aku - hah?

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