Saturday, May 18, 2013

i jst..


"i am so glad so love me. and u still do. its been years now - i am glad we r still ere - standing tall. it's easy to love someone at the beginning of a relationship (i knw) becoz both ppl r always looking at their best, sayin their best. and doin their best. we've been together for years - and yet u still love me. as much as i do love u.

u were always there and u've been supportive when i felt good about everythg in my life and even more so when my self-esteem was low. u were there for - telling me all sort of jokes; jst to let me laugh out loud, or at least to smile the shyte away - when thgs din go well. u've shared in the celebration of my achievements and helped me deal wit so many thgs in life - anger, disappointment, frustration - when everythg seemed to be falling apart. u've been at my side when i felt bloody proud and strong, and u've held me close and listened when i really needed a good cry. we've been thru so much since we first fell in love. still, u love me.

i love u for so many reasons. i love u for the thgs u say dat bring me special meaning into my life. u never tell me good thgs - for i dun care, for i've heard em all a lot. u tell me the truth, tho it hurts - but i am ok wit it. i love u for the silent times when ur eyes and arms tell me all i want to knw. u showed me dat i never hav to be a lone - for as long as u r around.

i love thinking of all the adventures we still hav o experience - the places we hav yet to see, and the thgs we hav yet to discover.

i mght heard dis a lot - but i jst love u so.."

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