Sunday, May 19, 2013

i actually normal.. (no, i really am)

o shut the fcuk up.

some days, i am not entirely sure whether i am normal or not. ok. i knw the definition of normal - dun u try to tell me such. its subjective. but then again - erm, u knw wat i am saying. i do love Twitter. i posted most of the pics around me in Instagram. i love FB as well. er, i knw. i hav none now. 

but there r days when i find myself tryin to convince myself dat i am normal. jst like others. so i decided to make a list of thgs about me dat prove i am probably, mostly normal.

  1. i prefer to drive my black Mini Me around - rather than the rest. and i cldnt care-less about wat ppl may say.
  2. i hav a garden dat i actually planted - regardless how it may look.
  3. towel is my second official 'uniform' when i am home. after the boxer.
  4. i channel surfing a lot - when i am on the idiotbox.
  5. i used to color my hair a bit -wit a boxed stuff, last time. i mean - those days when i hav hairs lah.  erm, not really colored em off. but bleached. 
  6. i care about being a good man. a good role model.
  7. i hav stdnts (and frens) who tell me lies.
  8. i love the library.
  9. i like antiques.
  10. DIY? no. i am an epic fail.

i am still not sure i am convinced. but i feel a lil bit normal now. well. a tiny lil bit, anyway.

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