Friday, May 3, 2013

Hunger Games

finally aku managed to watched The Hunger Game till the end. on Fox HD, tengahari tadik. most of the time - aku watched it halfway. but tadik - out of boredom - aku made myself sit in front of the idiotbox and watched it till the end.

it was hell of a nice movie, it is - w'pun the whole jalan cerita was kinda crap. the post-apocalyptic era and such. but i kinda like it, really. the whole story. and the whole plot. gigih rite till 3.15pm baru masuk ofc balik. tp aku puas ati. since for the first time - after like coupla times tgk tak abes2, aku managed to finish it up. and aku suka OST dia - Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift tu. very nice.

its 5pm alrdy. mendung giler kat luar. gelap. tadik dah ujan sket. and i gez its gonna rain even more.

i mght stay back for a while, finish up coupla thgs and head home jap lagik. cant wait for the weekend - its balik kampung time for PRU13 and jumpak mak and adik2..

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