Thursday, May 23, 2013


aku still rasa stiff over both of the legs - after the gym session last Tues. blame it on less warming up and long break before dat. 

and i knw its such a good excuse to amek 'cuti' for coupla days due to the pain i am havin, rite now. and i gez dats wat i am gonna do today.

not until Kamal - my fellow stdnt yg regular pi gym and the body is like.. hurmm.. er, nvm - tiber2 ajak aku pi gym ptg ni. mamat neh rajin jgk work-out dgn aku. and he was there in the hall during defending proposal - tnya like 'sir, ptg ni gym jom..'. and dr aku tak nak (dats wat i am telling myself dr pagi lagik) aku terus semangat. ye lah - semlm itself aku dah ponteng since aku was on the road travelling pi Pangkor, and today - aku cldnt find a strong one kot - to not goin to the gym.

Asar done. 5pm terpacak aku will leave the ofc., and pi gym.

after all - ujg minggu neh sah2 la aku tak pi gym - since cuti 3 days in a row.

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