Monday, May 20, 2013

Dom. Dom wth?

i mean - ehem.
Dom wat? Doom? hahaha

to tell u the truth, i am used to dis. stdnts called u names - dis and dat. dulu time aku ada rambut - they said i looked like dis man-shyte-i-forgot name yg sah2 mcm jambu. aku felt so annoyed God sake, tho the gals kept tellin me 'ok wat, sir! dia sgt comel!!'. bluergkhhhh!!! aku jst smiled away.

gosh, aku admire dis guy yeap yeap.
he looks great hell yeah!
(not his songs, anyway!)

and bila aku botak - like wat i am now - they call me Mr Bull of PitBull. i told em, dat i am not a bull.. so they called me Mr Pit, which is like.. pit? arm pit ke? but then again - dat wldnt bring me anyway. i kept told em, like each time 'ayat!'. tho how hard they convinced me. stdnt will always be a stdnt. u knw wat i mean.

tp ptg tadik - during Taklimat Penempatan/Urusan Perlantikan budak2 aku wit Mr Bong - i received dis WhatsApp from a gal - she sat all the way up there, i gez i knew shes lookin at me alrite. tp aku mls amek port - for they r my stdnts. rather than they tdo during the taklimat, better of they look at somethg. i was there - standing, while Mr Bong dealt wit the whole thang. upon a vibration the phone gav me - aku terus bukak and tgk. my reaction was simple - aku baca msg, aku terus held up my head high and looked up, lookin out for the sender. 

she was there, smiling. 

aku replied her in a simple way. and i was like - Dom? Dom whom? apa2 lah.

only then i remember.
dis is Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious..
aka Vin Diesel.


surely hell aku aku tak amek port sgt, and surely hell aku pelik. sgt2. wats the motive? aku serabut serabai wit janggut misai mcm mintak sedekah. rambut pun dah mula tumbuh - which is like, kalo aku pi barber now pun, sah2 la dia tnya 'ane, mana pi.. lama tadak nampak' walhal aku baru je tak dtg 2 minggu.


and dis is me.

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