Friday, May 10, 2013


i knw u mght cldnt careless about it. and i am ok wit it. perhaps u din even realized it pun. but there r few of the frens asking me such - when ever they catch me; thru Tweeter, text or else. 

the truth is - beside those like 700 of the unknwn dat i kicked off earlier - aku tak pernah plak blocked saper2 or deleted all those frens of mine (yg aku kenal for God sake) out from my previous Facebook account. and the fact is - i already re-deactivated the account, and its been 2 weeks now. so if u cant see me - get rid of the tot dat "Shahe u blocked i ke?" or "u deleted me out" kinda thang. no such. i wldnt do dat, to a fren. really.

but why? i dun hav a strong reason y, really. jst dat lately aku felt so out of place - and FB is no longer like aku knew it way back then. frens no longer like they used to, and all the unknwn one in there - aku somehow cant help feel it kinda fake. i knw its kinda bold, i am sorry. but dats how i feel. aku cant help to feel so lonely each time i logged in. as aku said it before - 1 pending and another 1 like not in a million years. and if u think dat dis wld be temporary and "owh, kejap je tu.. he'll definitely back in ere..", hahaha.. aku tak tau. and its been 2 weeks now, and i dun hav a single urge to be back pun. tak tau la esok lusa. still - even if i do so - i'd never knw why wld i, anymore. 

the insecurity, hopeless, and pointless. dats the thang. perhaps.

but still - aku on Twitter, blog. and Instagram as usual. i love to write. and i love to share my silly tots. plus taking pics, and share wit u guys. i mght not do FB-ing anymore to fulfill all those - but i am still, thru other channels.

i gez dats the way life is. change is so inevitable - someone kept tellin me dat. and i agree, no doubt. ppl come in. and ppl go. fren come and change ur life, and they leave. and the end of the day - only those who really care, unconditionally - will stay. and only now, i knw.

gnyte, ppl!

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amman said...

patut la. just miss to see ur face on instagram.huhu