Sunday, May 19, 2013

boobies. err..

i admit it - i sort of playin Devil's Advocate. i hardly write about current events becoz everyone else u. u wont find me blabbering about current issues in ere, God sake. rite? but yesterday - i was kinda shocked during the marking session - i broke the silence on Angie Jolie's decision to opt for preventive surgery becoz she's carrying the BRCA gene; the gene dat has been shown in studies to cause a predisposition to cancer. surprisingly - nobdys knw. dorang neh tak baca paper ke? or baca Utusan Malaysia je? or Mangga? blerkgh. and the rest of like 20 mins was left on me - explaining the whole situation about her to the rest of the gang - Fina, Mr Azhar, Ajak, KF, Kak Ina and Ramesh.

the fact is - theres a topic dat i havent seen many ppl discussin wit regard to dis whole debate. cancer, genetic predisposition, science, health history, genetics. check. check. check. and check.

but not mental health.

i like Angelina. saper tak? dat lips. u knw, DAT lips. i think she is beautiful and appears - from wat i've seen in the media and so forth - she's a good mother. and she seems to be a decent partner to Brad. i happen to think dat Brad is hot, yet a complete and total douche canoe at the same time - but then again, dats irrelevant at dis time. 

anyway - Angelina lopped off her jubblies. for personal reason. it seems to hav been a relatively significant concern - since her own mother died of cancer. hurmmm..

i am not qualified to say whether or not Angelina suffers from anxiety  but if she does - i wldnt be surprised. she lost her mother to a very ugly and scary disease. she and her mother were extremely close - especially after the father and mother split up. and i do remember readin somewhere dat she disclosed havin performed self-mutilating and other harmful behaviors. 

the average person has a normal fear of abandonment and loss. dats the fact. these r natural human feelings. but for those of us who hav actually suffered loss of a close loved one to trauma and diseases; our anxiety is often magnified to unbearable levels. it changes us. affects our moods. our existence. our decisions. 

i suffer from anxiety myself. not much, i knw. i can control it well, alhamdulillah. i cannot tell u how incredibly stressful circumstances r when they r out of my control i will do almost anythg w/in my scope of abilities to prevent dat stress from consuming me and sending me spiraling out of control.

so i gez i can absolutely understand y someone wit the resources, money, and family history mght make a seemingly drastic choice like Angelina Jolie did. cancer or elective double mastectomy? her choice minimized the risk of dying and leaving her children w/o a mother. 

at least - in her own mind.

and me? used to read about Astrocytoma dat abah had and i stopped doin so. for i hate to deal wit shyte it may send me. and the anxiety it leaves me. sigh.

and lets be honest.
shes in the biz of whoring herself out for attention.
i mean - jst saying.

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