Friday, May 3, 2013

another Fry-Day!

been busy lately. wit life, works and such. and its goin to be a lot more, in coupla days to come. budak2 dah nak exam. start marking paper. gym closed down for the whole weeks sepanjang budak2 exam - aku mls nak bukak (w'pun i knw i can) and i started goin to gym kat luar yg aku used to go. and OSCE.

other than dat - nthg much. the usual thang. 

aku rasa mcm byk lagik nak tulis - tp aku tak berapa nak ingat la pulak.


1 pending for weeks, another one like - never in a million years. so aku leave the whole thang behind, for i gez theres nthg left for me pun. it hurts - for it means a lot to me - tp, back then again.. biar lah.



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