Friday, May 24, 2013


reached here by 10am sthg. aku sgt ngantok, since smlm tdo lewat, and by 3.30am aku dah bgun. 4am sthg, aku dah on the road.

its Jumaat, and aku was looking for a kopiah. aku rmbr i do not bring any, so aku was trying my luck - selongkar bckpck yg aku bwk ni, and to my surprised aku terjumpak kopiah abh terselit tp poket beg aku, nicely.

it was still like it was, time mak bg aku dulu. by the time abh meninggal - dis kopiah ni je yg aku amek, and it was still mcm tu. and aku nearly forget dat aku put it there, almost a year now.

it still smells abah. perhaps bcoz it was there all the time. aku tak pernah took it out, let alone get it washed.

so, i put it on for the first time, after like a year now. aku rasa sebu, rindu. aku rasa bangga for at least finally aku pakai kopiah abah, and aku tau he knows it alrite.

its nearly a year now. tp ksh syg aku, rindu aku pd abah remains the same. it jst dat i wish i cldve told him so, way bck then.

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