Friday, April 5, 2013

when i was a kid.. blackout!

when i was a kid, aku suka sgt time blackout. the whole house kat Kubu Gajah tu wld go pitch dark. and us - being dark as well, wld sit still at one corner, until mak or abah came out wit lilin.

and aku love it jugak, since any of adik-adik aku akan definitely go crying since takut gelap. and aku did was, gelak sorang2. psycho tak?

bukan tu je, bila blackout - rumah akan penuh dgn lilin. and us - being budak2, love to move around the house wit the lilin in our hand. mak wld go berserk and ngamuk, since 'nanti terbakar rumah kang!'. but again - being us, budak2.. we cldnt careless. we wld go melawak sesama sendiri, and ended up lena berpeluh2. 

and aku yg sulung, being the chief.

most of the time - we ended up crashing still dlm gelap. we slept and  hoping dat, by trow morning - there'd be electricity back - since kalo tadak.. payah la. nak siap pi skol et al. and mak wont buy dat excuse utk ngelat tak mau pi skolah.

apart of it - we were happy since bila blackout; all the homeworks and such - aku suruh tutup since 'nanti rosak mata' and 'nanti ada letrik, buat'. and tak yah ngaji. and tak yah baca kitab. mak abah will ask us to duduk diam, jgn nakal2. and we cldnt careless about the TV, or the internet - as if there was one.

but dat was then. skang, kalo tadak letrik.. no. i dun want to think about it.

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