Wednesday, April 24, 2013

when i was a kid.. bubbles.

when i was a kid, i was so fascinated wit bubbles. yeap yeap - bubbles. be it wat kinda bubbles it was - i jst love em all. i remember to hav all sort of questions in my head upon seeing one - how does it happens? how cld be like dat? and so many more.

i remember selalu kena marah dgn mak since aku suka goncang botol syampo kat bilik air - since once u did dat; u'll get to see a lot of small bubbles in it. and it turned me crazy. hahaha.. i knw. but dun blame me then - i was a small kid je kot. and bila mandi - mak will always get tired of entertaining me to make more bubbles of the bar soap we were using. tp abah way way smart - he bought us Popinjay - bar soap yg ijau, keras and less bubbles tu. tensi aku.

kdg2 he'd bought us Palmolive or Lux - and i felt so 'rich'. ye lah - kitorang family tak kaya, dpt guna sabun wangi tajuk mcm tu, rasa mewah sesgt. and furthermore - they left me wit more bubbles, God sake. hahaha.. and each time - mak terpaksa 'sorok' the bar soap since sabun cepat giler 'kembang' and abes. mana tak - kalo aku mandi wit kak ngah - we will soak the sabun dlm cebuk air, and went bubblin! sampai sabun tu lembik and cepat abes. and when dat happened - abah akan rasa pelik, and he'll switched back to Popinjay. mind u - we never used shower cream, gel watever not time tu. not until kitorang besar and able to buy thgs on our own.

its not sabun je yg aku suka when it comes to bubbles (haip!! jst dun go there, ok! i was innocent at dat time.. and i gez i am still, now!!). tp apa2 je lah yg bley go bubblin, aku suka. u knw time kecik2 dulu - we kids love to do bubbles wit ur own saliva? hahaha disgusting  i knw. but i did dat as well. and mak sgt2 tak suka dat she'll go 'piat' my telinga each time she saw me doin dat. 

and aku kept doin dat until mak bosan and repot kat abah.. and bila abah tau - it was way too late then. haha

and did u knw dat u can too, make bubbles wit ur drinks? hahaha again - sgt tak baik, mcm ckp org2 tua. tak sopan - mak selalu told me dat. but i jst love it. 

especially when u were provided a straw to finish up ur drink. aiyoo. heaven! i will keep doin it, smpai abah tegur aku not to. i'd go senyap jap.. tp will strat doin it again w/in coupla mins. until abah penat tegur and he when 'pekk' my nape of neck. and only then i'll go completely senyap - wit muka mcm ikan puyu tertelan paku. 

but dat was then. i no longer do the above. perhaps aku no more a kid. w'pun aku tau - theres no such undang2 or rules and regulations in life sayin u cant do dat, when ur aging up. i am seeing bubbles from the other side nowadays. they still makes me smiling - for i am happy seeing it again. but then again - bubbles wont stay long for u. they'll make u smile, fascinating - and off they leave u. 

- in wonder. sigh.

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