Tuesday, April 23, 2013

when i was a kid.. arang and gigi.

when i was a kid, i used to use 'arang' (i.e charcoal) to clean up my teeth. but dat was when kitorang did the balik kg je lah.. apparently, sumer cousins et al aku used dat to 'gosok gigi' beside using the tooth paste and the conventional berus gigi. and each time aku and adik2 balik kg - we were so eager to try it as well.

wat we did was pi belakang dapur to the dapur kayu (its a bangsal where makcik2 aku guna kayu api to masak2), we picked up the small portion of kayu arang (yg burnt and itam tu), we smashed and mashed it into a fine serbuk - and then tenyeh it to ur gigi. as simple as dat. but u gotta make sure the arang btol2 jadi serbuk or else ketul2 kecik will enuff to stuck in between ur teeth (yg time tu tak brp nak aligned well.. hahaha ) and will make ur life miserable thru out the day.

kdg2 bila cousins aku tau yg kitorang akan balik kg - they'll do the 'pre-mixed' serbuk arang plus a bit of garam kasar, and kept it in a nice small jar - for us; me and kak ngah. lagi best siot! aku remember arwah abah used to tell us - kalo guna arang, gigi akan jadi putih. but if u mix em up wit garam - it'll get even better. and no wonder abah had a very strong, white and clean kinda gigi - rite until abah passed away.

u need not to use any baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or even those pemutih gigi yg dok iklan kat FB tu! hahaha.. jgn marah. i mean - ye lah, skang mana la nak cari arang yg btol2 arang. not dat kinda arang yg jual kat Giant for BBQ tu. dis is the real kayu api, yg dah terbakar rentung.. and btol2 jadik arang. erm, anyway - wats the different eh? dun ask. aku tatau. huhu

and aku remember mak was kinda skeptical about dis. but knwing mak yg selalu and pandai berhemah in all sort of thgs (perhaps dia tak mau kecik kan ati abah and saper2 pun); she'll tell us 'tak pa la, tapi make sure kumur elok2.. and then pi gosok gigi guna ubat gigi and berus gigi!!' kinda thang. and we'll do jst exactly dat. rayau2 awal pagi time embun was all over places, looked for a small piece of arang, cuci2 sket, get em smashed to dust, and tenyeh to gigi masing2. we had fun, really. sometimes aku wld go 'dajal' kak ngah - tenyeh the arang to gigi and then calit to her face - and she'll definitely go sawan meraung cari mak.

and i was like 8 i think, kak ngah was 6.

but dat was then. i was gargling wit a hydrogen peroxide like i always did early in the morn., depan cermin - and all dis kinda thang came flashing back rite in front of my eyes.

and it gets me smiling.


u hav a great Twos-day, fellas!

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I did try this technique once after going through all the meticulous process...