Monday, April 29, 2013


i am tired. long hrs of driving, and days wit lots of activities. i shld be sleeping now, and dreaming away. i knw i shld. i am so tired, and sleepy - but the ironic part is - i cant sleep.

and its 3am in the morn now. esok keje mcm biasak - beside, aku kena travel again to Pangkor. plus Ulu Dedap and Chgkat Lada, covering Mr Ismail.

so many thgs in mind - so much i wanna share - but i knw at dis point now, i wont be able to do dat anymore. i gotta learn to keep it all in me. i remember reading it somewhere - sometimes u gotta learn to cry alone. no, i am not crying. dats not the point. the point is - ppl change. thgs around u change as well. change is so inevitable. and i gez dats the way it is. 

so time i cldnt help myself thinking - perhaps i am not dat good enuff. all the years of sweet thgs and such - was suddenly ruined by a single action and u din even hav the chance to defend urself.


perhaps i shld go lying down and wishing the eyes wld go drifting away. darn i gotta drive again, trow!


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