Monday, April 22, 2013

its Moan-day! Mown-day? heh.

as usual, aku woke up early dis morning. by 4am aku dah walked out of the master bed room, wandering to the study room. cldnt find wat else to do, aku golek2 jap. by 5.30am - aku dah mandi, solat sunat as ustaz asked me to do - and iron baju. Subuh masuk awal now, so aku off siap2, turun for my regular drink and supplements and left the house. 

and as expected - pg2 lagi aku nyer KP Mr Bong dah called aku - regarding the kelayakan menduduki sumatif budak2 aku. mmg dah siap - tp again, as usual - last2 minit byk je perubahan dis and dat need to be done. aku bosan benda2 yg last minit berubah neh - but then again; aku kinda cool wit it, for i knw dats the way it is in ere. so, bt 7am aku dah stuck in my chair - doin wats need to be done. since by 8am - KP aku nak all thgs done for him and Pengarah to sign and off hantar ke BPL, KL for further meetings and such.

Fina cuti, yet she's in for dis. kesian dia. Amer mcm biasak - stumbled up side down struggling to get thgs done. dia dah siap - byk byk tak kena. budak2 dia Sem 4; first time in clinical area. so he really need sometime to get used to the changes and such.

bukan dia je - aku yg budak2 dah Sem 5 neh pun still struggling. every sem - i mean, every sem mesti ada perubahan. lain SUP, lain format. ISO kah? be it lah. malas aku nak stress2. afterall - KP dah signed. Pengarah dah went thru em all, and basically i am done for dis sem. and next sem - erk, forget it. next sem i wont be doin dis anymore. thank God.

starting today up till Wed., aku terlibat dlm Bengkel Pemurnian Lesson Plans for ESP. imagine, 3 days ok. for such. aku not keen pun. i mean - last time pun dah buat, and now nak buat pe lagik eh? lagipun aku byk keje tertunggak kat ofc pun.. but then again, aku pi je la. 8.30am aku masuk - Puan Tan dah started dgn taklimat wat to do and such. and masuk selamba je. and as usual - known for 'bad boi' kat kolej neh; dia siap perli2 aku lagik.. aku buat muka selamba je, and took it as a humour. at leats aku tak stress wit it, for it is so not worth it to stress on it pun. member2 se-floor tau aku nyer habit, so dorg sengih2 je. 

tak smpai 30mins in the taklimat - KP called and aku blah. okay tak? haha

tak pe lah. 2pm nanti aku masuk duduk buat keje leklok. trust me. heh heh heh

ok. solat time! and yeah, aku hav a bengkel to attend ok! huhuhu

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