Wednesday, April 10, 2013

bengkel. classes.

i am done wit the Makmal/Bengkel Pembinaan Kurikulum Advance Diploma Mental Health 2/2013. siri ketiga they decided to do it in JB. yeay! bley jalan kuar tgk dunia. i am glad i am apart of the team. dah sethn lebih we get together, brainwashed otak masing2, gadoh2 during presentation, and a lot more. aku pun naik bosan buat kurikulum neh. not my cuppa, to be frank. but i am seeing it from a good side - it is away from my routine. and it is a learning process jgk. and bila the course kick-off, i wld be glad coz i am among those behind the course, physically.

and aku glad to sit at the round table wit all those geniuses; and workin wit Mr Hari is a great opportunity  serious. i love the way he think, the way he rationalize thgs, shared his experiences and such. to be frank - aku adore him and aku selesa keje dgn dia. perhaps maybe sebab dia pun background sama dgn aku - Pyschology. and Psychiatry. lately nih dia makin selamba je sound aku dlm discussion, and buat lawak dgn aku. aku - to think aku wld go silence and keep it to myself - mmg tak la. ko sagat aku, aku sagat ko balik kinda thang.

but of coz - in a berhemah way. he is still my Timbalan Pengarah.

today, bengkel separuh hari je. baru cdg nak reschedule kelas ptg, tp since separuh hari - aku masuk je la kelas. 2 to 5; on Abnormal Psychology. and gez wat - i am glad i did not reschedule the class - the class went well, smooth. aku masuk dgn rasa malas. tp within 10mins or so - aku back to the usual me. i love to teach, especially bila stdnts r attentively participate in it, enjoying it. aku shld be finishin up the whole topic - tp kena sambung lain ari since byk soalan, jokes and such in between.

and being able to reconnect urself thru ur experience and make the stdnts comprehend the whole idea - is such a satisfaction for me. i walked out the class at 4.30pm, dgn smile wit my face. w'pun perit tekak, aku able to deliver. aku harap - even if the stdnts cldnt get the whole idea - kalo dorg faham sebahagian of it pun tak pe.. and if dat will giv sucha impact to their life, lagik bagus. for i believe dats how the learning process shld be. study and u dun remember after the exam - is not kinda learning aku nak in my stdnts. i want somethg way better than jst dat - changes in the affective, t/laku and such - dats my goal.

at least.

owh. aku skip gym today. malas plak rasa. ujan. heh - i knw i shldnt use dat excuse, as if gym directly under the sky. to be frank - aku malas lah. dah 3 days in the row kot. ari ni cuti. esok je aku pi.

other lecturers dat start with their 5 (my) S. kemas2. susun2. buang2. a senior came to me and ckp, 'Shah nak 5S kena bwk lori kecik' since tmpat aku byk bouquet of flowers la, all dis adiah-i-dun-knw-wat. nak buang adiah2 neh, rasa bersalah la plak. nak simpan, aku tatau mana nak taruk. tp mmg aku tak nak buang.. syg weh! all these r sort of appreciation for me - yg u hardly see ada kat any of other lecturers nyer tempat. aku remember Puan Faridah tanya 'kenapa Shah je yg dpt bunga eh? akak tak dpt pun?'. motip nyer soalan. aku balas dgn flip rambut je 3x. hahaha.. nanti la aku susun elok2. and lbey teruk, Puan Ong dgn muka sekeping nye dtg kat aku ckp, 'Shah kena bwk maid dtg, and do the 5S'. gampang kan? tp aku as usual, gelak lagik kuat dr yg tukang buat lawak. and aku buat lawak lagik tambah. 


dah la. aku nak balik. see ya!