Friday, April 5, 2013

bad hair day.

no. today is not my day. i mean - i cld feel it rite away ever since aku jumped outta bed. aku snoozed the alarm like coupla times. 6am baru aku kelam kabut rushed to the washroom and such. by 7.15am aku smpai ofc. since semlm whole day aku tak masuk ofc., bermcm jenis mails and memos - as usual. cukup mengerutkan muka aku yg basically aku tau, not even smiling pun. aku put em aside - gez aku will go thru em all, when thgs r ok.

walked out to the washroom again, and turn back to the ofc knwing dat connecting door antara ofc aku and the washroom, terkunci dr dalam. jst imagine. aku kuar tadik ok je! and now tetiber terkunci. dr dalam plak tu! sah2 time mcm ni - aku je la yg paling awal smpai, and nbdy else. and now - it was like ada org plak kunci dr dalam. aku gelabah. pass-card aku tak bawak. bodo lah!

and aku kena berjalan kuar ikut stairs - crossing from one block to another, jst to get back to my ofc! gampang tak? aku geram. tensi.

and by 8am - kelas up to 10am; time tu jugak la contact lense aku nak buat hal. sebelah kanan mcm berhabuk and it was so tak selesa. not sure y. hardly happened mcm ni - unless lens aku dah due to change. dah due to change? shyte - mmg lah. yg aku pakai ni psg lens yg last skali in stock. dah abes stock kat rumah. dah exceed 1bln, i think. argkh. kena call optician aku, for stock.

i dun knw. i gez when u woke up from ur sleep - and ur head alrdy get tuned dat way - everythg will go disastrous for u. i mean - basically. bkn thgs around me je yg buat aku sakit hati - ppl around me as well. its kinda u ko expected me to treat u well, but did u do the same to me? ko nak aku buat dis and dat, tp ko pun sama. 

so forget it. if u think i am not doin good enuff - for u; go FO. aku need to deal wit myself and thgs around me, today. and only then i shall think of others. call me selfish - and u shld thank God if u think i care.

haih, wit all these negativism in me - how to survive the day? sigh.

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