Thursday, March 28, 2013

trust. or not to trust.

to trust or not to trust? and dats the question. its subjective. everybdy knws dat. but no matter how subjective dat is - i bet there r time when u come to a point, and hav dis question lingers in ur head.

to trust. or not to trust.

sometimes when u place yr trust in someone, u will be way stronger - and there will be disastrous consequences. yet, as bad as dat maybe - it wld be even worse to never trust, at all.

w/o trust, w/o faith - we r merely machines; disinterested and unable to truly invest ourselves in anythg worthwhile. wit no trust - world is cold, harsh and excruciatingly a lonely place..   :-(

i learn it in the hard way. and i gez the best way to knw when to trust and when not to trust - is to be trustworthy urself. knw wat it is like to uphold the trust of others, and it will help u to understnd whom u urself can trust. and i gez some of the best and most valuable thgs u can experience do not come wit a guarantee. tho it certainly pays to be careful - it also is important to be able to trust in others. and urself, as well.

dun giv ur trust frivolously or irresponsibly - but do git it. for w/o trust - there is really nthg dat is orth protecting.

trust me.

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