Tuesday, March 12, 2013


feverish still. headache. hidung berhingus. done wit most of the thgs, i found myslf in bed - under the duvet like most of the time. i knw i had enuff of sleeping - dat badan aku started to feel so lemau, sakit2 badan. aku cld go merayau sorang2, but then again - where to? and how? and aku ended keeping thgs to myself, in the room - did some reading et al.

and i cannot help to feel so lonely. the place itself is somethg else - and its not like i never feel it dis way. i did. but jst dat - dis time around it feels so intense. its like theres a hole in u for real. so empty. perhaps i dun really hav much to do - kalo kat rumah; i did feel dis way some time - tp i always knw wat to do, and how to overcome it well. tp sini - its different.

perhaps sebab aku tak sihat la kot. or aku sorang2. or maybe becoz aku havin so much of ample time aku not knwing wat to do and such.

perhaps aku shld turn off dis lappy, and hit the sack - for real. and hav a good nite rest, hoping trow will be way better than jst dis - insyaAllah.


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