Thursday, March 28, 2013

need no more.

perhaps u knw dis, yet u never giv a shait about it. and perhaps u knw it - yet u never put a label to it, and it left 'unknwn'. the fact is - even the smallest need puts u in a state of lack and limitation. and we gotta make it firm intention to focus on the possibilities rather than on the perception of need.

consider dat in dis moment - right now; u need nthg - becoz u alrdy r ere, alive, aware and capable of so very much. free urself from the tot of need, and step forward into ur most valuable possibilities. compared t how vey much u hav, there is almost nthg u really need. giv ur time, awareness and energy to the abundance - and make the good, valuable parts of ur life even more prominent.

make each day, each action and each tot and ur word ur own positive and empowering choice. focus on all u hav to live. and to give. less grumble. find some motivation to carry on.

if u ever feel dat theres somethg u need, quicly let dat tot go. then make the positive choice to create, and move forward wit the power of authentic purpose. fill ur mind wit positive possibilities, and fill ur moments wit positive action. fill ur heart wit sincere gratitude, and there will be no place in u - for need.


at least dat is wat i keep telling myself.

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