Tuesday, March 12, 2013

me in ere.

i dun wanna be ere. i shldnt be in ere at the first place pun. everythg seems to be wrong, and i hate it. sampai KLS - aku terus ke kedai roti, looking for some roti. i knw if i am there in INTENGAH post waktu mkn - and dats it, aku akan ended up berlapar. nak berjalan keluar mkn - i dun knw where about.

done wit it - aku terus ke taxi stand. a long q. and i need to buy a ticket - KLS to PJ, naik teksi? they say it is not goin to worth it. i'll be stuck in the traffic light. and i'll mati keras in the cab. but thank God - 20mins je aku dah spai ke INTENGAH - dis driver brought me thru UM ikut gate mana ntah, and tup tup aku kuar sebelah medical center, near to MAHSa and dats it - dah smpai. aku sempat took my dinner as it is, telan ubat - and the rest of the day stop jst rite there.

it is so sunyi in ere. i am not sure berapa org yg stay in - tadi time mkn pun ada la 3 or 4 empat ketul yg down for the meals. incldg me. and then - masing2 buat hal masing2 and i am not sure if they r still around. so sunyi it turns out to be kinda creepy. so sunyi dat dammit - i hate to hav myself in dis kinda situation. perhaps becoz aku demam. and perhaps becoz aku selsema idung ni aku rasa nak tanggal and sangkut belakang pintu.

i've been in ere before - and God it wasnt dis bad pun.

hope trow will be better. insyaAllah.

gotta hit the sack now.


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