Saturday, March 9, 2013


its a nice, quiet Saturday. aku woke up by 3am - and crashed around 11pm semlm. balik je dr hospital, aku singgah mamak jap for a supper, and off str8 home. nthg much on the idiot-box, so aku hit the crib. by 3am, aku dah bgun. moved to the study room - aku found it to be useless to jst lay there and do nthg. bukan boleh lena pun. so aku turun bawah.

i knw its kinda weird - but aku managed to get my laundry done by then, washed the cars, siram pokok2 kat luar rumah. and again - uncle jaga yg round the neighborhood stopped by at the gate, looking at me in one kind. must think aku giler la kot did such at the wee-hours. and dis is not the first time pun. hahaha.. cuma a different jaga la kot. aku was jst smiled away, told him dat dis is my place, and i cant sleep.

Subuh, aku pi surau depan ni. ada kuliah Subuh. aku stayed for a while. lama tak pi ngadap mana2 ustaz. mak and arwah abah tak jemu2 pesan such, cuma aku je.. sigh. by 7.15am, aku dah kat rumah. ingat nak terus breakfast out, tp dgn kain pelikat, baju melayu.. so aku terus balik. and as usual - masuk ruah, tukar boxer - aku dah malas nak kuar. ended up havin my usual daily dose of oats and susu je.

heading for Slim River after Zohor. a day trip. nak pi tgk org sakit. and i gez dats about it for today. trow is another day - by hook or by crook, aku hav to get pack by trow. beg dah bwk kuar, and as usual - aku menyampah packing2 neh. and the question of beg-kecik-beg-besar, again.


been doin a self-reflection, lately. i managed to find some kinda inner peace, and start thinking about me. myself. i am sure i am pretty tired of thinking about others, by now. for time dat i am havin now - i jst wanna hav a good life, a good company and take it as it is. 

i am jst a human being - i hav my own threshold, and i hav my own grip. 


u guys hav a good weekend! see u when i see u.


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