Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pinkie!

sorry Pinkie, 
cepek ur pic for ur FB! hehehe

and today, is her best-day! i've been saying dis every year in and every year out - and i wish i cld be doin the same - for more years to come, insyaAllah. Happy Birthday, Pinkie!

he's my best fren. we fight over thgs, we cried over shyte and we laughed out loud together, after dat. Pinkie, i need u to knw dat i am sooooo glad and so blessed to hav u around as the best-est fren, ever. 

shes cool. and shes open to anythg under the sun (ofkoz, wit some consideration lah!). we shared the same wave length, and way of thinking. i mean - not so lah kot, for i aint as smart like her. hehehe.. but shes willing to be there for her frens (esp me, i think) at anytime at all - esp when i am in deep shyte, ofkoz. and dat makes her special, way different from others. not forgetting she talks a lot, and she'd go talking like a bullet dat u hav to like "err, wait wait Pinkie.. slow down. wat ur sayin?" like thang like dat. hahaha.. i wldnt be a problem for me tho, for i knw dats the way she is. and dat makes her abso-special-lately, indeed.

Noraziah Che Pa, its ur day today. i am wishing u the very best in life, insyaAllah wit all the best thgs in life to come in everyday, to come. good health, wealth wit iman dan taqwa for sepanjang hayat, ameen.

hav a blast, my fren! we love u, for sure!  :-)

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